The excellence of children’s footwear

Born at the heart of the national footwear industry, Pikitri assumes itself as the materialization of the know-how accumulated during more than 25 years.

Pikitri emerged on the national market in 2004 as a brand of baby and children footwear, capable of combining a distinctive character with a comfortable and functional construction, designed to provide a healthy growth of the child. Currently, we are one of the top brands of children’s footwear in Portugal and, side by side with the products developed for each stage of growth of the child’s foot, our portfolio also includes a collection for special occasions.

Portuguese shoes are increasingly a symbol of quality and a prestigious brand in the world of footwear. Design, development and manufacturing are the various stages of a process that takes place in our factory in Portugal. The goal is to be a reference when it comes to combining competitive quality, comfort, design and sense of responsibility with the commitment to help each child grow with the best footwear.

Happy Feet, Happy Children!

Quality, comfort and design are Pikitri’s formula to ensure the happiness of the feet of the little ones. Our shoes are designed to accompany the growth of children’s feet with practical and comfortable solutions so they can move freely and grow safely.


Gives freedom of movement and safety


No strain of the fragile muscles of the foot


Facilitates perspiration of the foot and allows it to breathe


Follow and support foot movement


Easy to put on and take off

In our collections you can find classic and timeless models, always in tune with the latest trends in fashion while, at the same time, adjusting the needs of children.

Small steps, great achievements!


Inspired by the joy of being a child, we believe it is our mission to offer children reliable, quality footwear, giving them the freedom to be themselves in the most spontaneous and natural way possible, in all the small steps and great achievements of their lives.